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Create a Site

Creating a site with DocsToSite takes seconds, all you need is a Google & DocsToSite account and a domain you own.

1. Create a Google Drive folder

To create a site on DocsToSite, create a Google Drive folder. This folder will contain your website’s content. After creating a folder, create a Google Doc file inside it & rename it to “index”. This file will be your home page. Next, share your Google Drive folder to anyone with a link. Copy the Google Drive folder Share link.

2. Create new site on your DocsToSite dashboard

Next head into DocsToSite and create a new site by clicking the "Create a site" button on the top right of your DocsToSite Dashboard.

3. Enter a name for your site

This will be used as the page title that displays in a browser tab.

3. Enter a domain you own

You’ll need to point your DNS records for the domain to DocsToSite. More instructions can be found here. If you don’t have a domain yet and you’d like to use a temporary domain at “http://your_sub_domain.docsto.site”, reach out at [email protected]

4. Use the Google Drive Share link

Paste your Google Drive folder Share link from the Share menu. Click "Continue" and your site should be live after a few seconds.

5. Update your site

After making updates in your Google Doc files, you can update your site by clicking the

Update site” button.