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Site Pages

Pages are fundamental to any website, and adding a page in DocsToSite is easy.

DocsToSite converts each Google Doc file inside your Google Drive site folder as a separate web page. You can see this in action by looking at the site folder of this exact website.

Your Google Doc files must be public in Google Drive and be within the site folder.

Adding, updating, & removing pages

To add a new page, go to your site folder and create a new Google Doc. To update it, just update the Google Doc. To remove a page, remove the Google Doc inside your site folder.

To see your changes reflected in your site, click the “Update site” button in the DocsToSite dashboard.

How links for your pages are generated

The name of your Google Doc file determines the URL (or link) of your web page. Renaming your file to “index” will make it the home page—the page you see when you visit example.com. If you rename a file to “Site Pages,” it will load when you visit example.com/Site-Pages.

The generated links are case sensitive, so a file named “abcd” will lead to /abcd while “Abcd” will lead to /Abcd. We suggest staying with lowercase file names to keep it simple.

Nesting pages

Page URLs can be nested too. To achieve this, create a new folder within your site folder in Google Drive. To illustrate, If you create a folder named “2020” then add a Google Doc inside named “Inventing Time Travel,” you’ll end up with the URL:


You can see an example of this at this demo site. The site folder is located here.

You can also see another example with the site folder of this exact website. Look for the files with “hidden” in their names.